I smirked almost devilishly at the outcome of the situation that I had successfully dodged. it's classy. I swear on my father that I will murder the next demon that tries anything, with my bare hands. He whispered to himself as his children and wife slept on from the tension from their brief shopping. Loud music booming and people hollering in celebration. Hey, you okay? He nodded silently but stiffly before taking another swig of his beverage. I blinked and suddenly felt a little awkward by the nickname that I normally let my other family members and friends call me. I looked at Mom brow raised. Lami and Law both walked over to them. Is the world going to end every time they try to have a nice evening out? Doesnt that sound lovely, Detective? But when an unexpected disaster forces them to rely on each other, theyll have to work through their issues to try to survive. Lucifer is an American television show with six seasons and nearly 100 episodes. She decides she will prove God Himself wrong for looking down at her. ), Yandere Diavolo (Shall We Date? ), Dean Winchester Has Internalized Homophobia. I have a degree in English Literature and my favorite genre is historical fiction. (111), Marcus Pierce/Original Female Character(s), Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV) & Original Female Character(s), Mazikeen (Lucifer TV)/Original Female Character(s), Amenadiel (Lucifer TV) & Original Female Character(s), Protective Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Barbatos & Mammon (Shall We Date? Lucifer's sister Luna pops on down to LA to give her brothers a visit. Self-hatred, depression, drinking himself to death.. How has no one recognized his silent screams? I was happy for mum and dad honestly I was I mean Trixie and I were old enough to take care of ourselves now with the new brother or sister on the way they can have chance to do some parenting. : Obey Me!) It also features a bit of time travel, which is really fun to read. Next up is a Lucifer fanfiction that focuses on Chloe and Lucifer. Okay I don't want be a spitting image of my own mother, I mean. okay, yeah, I kind am at this moment. - She gives you those puppy dog eyes and you even play dress up with her 3. When Rory asks him to keep the timeline the same and leave, he refuses. She cant just sleep on the couch. Chloe asked pointedly, my father looked at me thoughtfully as she continued on, I mean your penthouse is really only for 2 people maximum. It all started with a harmless little wish. She comes face to face with some of the nightmares that Lucifer has faced, and now she must deal with them herself. In this story, Lucifer is spiraling; everything in his life seems to be going wrong. She was stressed enough and being sick was the last thing she needed. GOT, COME & LIGHT ME UP. so much stronger The Second Archangel, and Lucifer's older brother. This was about his waste-of-space twin whod kidnapped his beloved Detective. Season 1 re-write complete. ~~. I can do things no other human can., Go on. I couldn't picture him being that patient for someone so devastated about the loss of their child. on account of him being a snake and having two dicks. Each chapter is very different from the next, and they all feature different characters, relationships, powers, and plot points. You can get paid to write for us! Lucifer had never seen Chloe like this before. Torture and abuse are common in this story, but they only serve to add intensity and drama to the story. Michael, the Good Son,Lucifer, the Morningstar,Gabriel, The Trickster. In Sickness and Hell by BurningUpASunJustToSayHello // @lux-i-fer T 10/10. "I've never been to LA and the bouncer said he owns the place? When an undercover mission goes horribly wrong, things between Lucifer and Chloe will NEVER be the same again. Do you know a Lucifer Morningstar?" Disney and Dreamwork's one shots. Trixie gets kidnapped, and Lucifer will not stand for it. 10 of the Most Popular Chuck Fanfiction Stories to Read in 2023, 10 of the Most Popular Bridgerton Fanfiction Stories in 2023. From God , Lucifer .. we only know things that were shown in books but we never seen other perspective ( don't m After being casted away from Heaven, Azazel is dropped to Earth without a way back home. Its not for everyone and if you can that doesnt necessarily mean youre our daughter. I glowered at him irritated (pretty much the same way Chloe would when he would say something she didnt like). Some stories have action and adventure, and others focus more on romance and everyday life. Unspoken words, jealously and mental issues, Sam Winchester wishes he could have a little bit of what his brother has. : Obey Me! ), Mentioned Demon Brothers (Shall We Date? Morningstar." No body should mess with The Devil and his family." Lucifer doesnt believe in psychics and thinks Dean is a fraud. She starts to ask herself, who prays for Satan?. )/Original Female Character(s), Diavolo (Shall We Date? - Playing doctor with Trixie +. But what will happen when many things want to ruin this happy father and daughter duo? It would appear so, Detective. As soon as my long lost father said that I assumed the woman beside him was my long lost mother who hugged me tightly tears running down her face. Lucifer is the only one who can save her now. His power became completely perverted ( Isaiah 14:12 ,16,17). The characters are lively and true even though they are in an alternate universe. Doesnt that sound lovely, Detective? Deans stuck at home sick. You didn't really think we would be dating for the rest of our lives did you? Tell me what? Chloe reaches for his hand and places on her stomach. ), Barbatos Knows Things (Shall We Date? I mean I want your feedback on it. Sam sits up until hes side by side with Lucifer and cuts him off, You know I won't, he says. Then Halloween 2009 happened and her perfect life started to unravel. Daniel, if you know whats good for you, and everyone in this emergency department for that matter, youll find something to cool this woman down immediately or else shell be on the front page of the Hollywood Inquirer for mooning and berating the entire staff at Cedars Sinai Medical Center.. The only thing missing was if I had long hair in a ponytail at the ends. Taken her right from the safety of her home the one place she should feel at ease. "(Y/N)! I don't know shit about writing fluff. & Original Character(s), Diavolo (Shall We Date? "Sweetheart we didn't get married straight away for one your mother would not allow it. The year is 1995 and Lucifer finds his way to Hogwarts for a brief stint as a Professor. Will Hogwarts survive the Devil? : Obey Me! Part 3 of Autistic Vaggie AU Language: English _________________________________________________. This story is dark, certainly, but it also contains quite a lot of happy fluff. A classic. I chose to ignore her comment directed at me. Next up is another incredibly popular Lucifer fanfiction that has nearly 120,000 hits. : Obey Me! He wasnt supposed to be up here, theres a party in full swing downstairs and usually Lucifer is at the centre of it, but not tonight. Sadly, we seem to be lacking in a lot of Hurt!Chloe fic, but hopefully some of these will scratch the itch. Teaming with Detective Jr as an LAPD consultant, and reluctantly spending time away from the love of his life, will the Devil once again manage to save the day? : Obey Me! : Obey Me! Basically, Lucy and his Pops are in lockdown and sex serves as a coping mechanism. Was all he could respond as the not so little girl stared up at him, eyes twinkling just as they did when she was sm the name explains all ), Demon Brothers (Shall We Date? I mean since were married, before that even, Trixie was just as much as your daughter as well as mine. Disney x reader oneshots. Everything is a mess, even before she learns she's a miracle. yeah what about it, Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV)/Lily Evans Potter, Lily Evans Potter & Original Female Character(s), Chloe Decker & Dan Espinoza & Trixie Espinoza, Mazikeen (Lucifer TV) & Original Female Character(s), Amenadiel & Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV), Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV) & Reader, Established Chloe Decker/Lucifer Morningstar, Trixie Espinoza & Lucifer Morningstar Bonding, Step-Parent Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV), Cardinal Copia/Original Female Character(s), Papa Emeritus III/Original Female Character(s), Cardinal Copia/Papa Emeritus III/Original Female Character(s), marked me down and slightly scared and horny, it started out as a kiss how did it end up like this, Possessive Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV), Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV) Devil Reveal, Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV) Wing Reveal, Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV) is Bad at Feelings, Vulnerable Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV), Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV) Needs A Hug, Mentioned Satan (Shall We Date? You find yourself going up to Lucifers penthouse. ), Beelzebub/Main Character (Shall We Date? and proceeds to tear off her hospital-issued gripper socks. Tonight he is right where he needs to be. On the other, Chloe's back at his side and he just wants to live a peaceful eternity with her. Destiel one shot for every chapter and I will either a Midam or Samifer post per prompt. Papa Emeritus III had always been a constant presence for Sister as well, the longing for him shed tucked away long ago resurfacing. Is Trixie actually Human? -hellfire, hunchback of ntre dame He became corrupt, and his name changed from Lucifer ("morning star") to Satan ("adversary"). Just then, the necklace her father had given her t. asmodeus. Well Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar met by chance at the club Elysium, only to discover they were always meant to be. I thought it was best to use my mortal surname. You can also subscribe without commenting. And to see what humanity has to offer. On the other, Chloe's back at his side and he just wants to live a peaceful eternity with her. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place. The one that looked the most interesting was the one called 'Lux' I don't know why but for so reason I felt like it was calling to me. Chloe groans and becomes restless in her hospital bed. : Obey Me! ), did i just gave the doctor my oc's name? What I received was a spanking to my bum and a scolding for my attempts. I come back 16 later only to hear that Mom is pregnant again? : Obey Me! baby measuring 1 week behind at 7 weeks ivf. This story is quite long, with over 400,000 words, so it requires some commitment. A sexy one at that? I think. He just gave me the old boot., Lucifer, I know you have unresolved issues with your father and I know youre a great father because Ive seen you the way with Trixie and just then My mother gestured back to me inside. Trixie? I asked shocked thinking they had another kid after me. Lucifer Jeff the killer x male reader wattpad one shots Apr 19, 2021 Link X Reader Lemon Forced Wattpad Oct 12, Read Ticci Toby x MALE ! Giving both a kiss on our foreheads. In this Lucifer fanfiction, we get to see a new take on the events following the season 3 finale episode. It all started when my friend Christina dragged me to her house to watch the "new, amazing, hot as hell.." TV show called Lucifer. What a peculiar thing you are. (65), Mazikeen & Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV) (44), Amenadiel & Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV) (41), Protective Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV) (351), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (156), Established Chloe Decker/Lucifer Morningstar (121), Protective Lucifer (Shall We Date? When Chloe Decker wakes up in a life that isn't her own, she discovers that everything she remembers - her job, her daughter, her life - was never real at all. She knows Castiel won't lie to her, but gets her answers in an unlikely source. Lucifer had never seen Chloe like this before. Lucifer has a proposition for the Radio Demon, one that's very difficult to refuse even though the price can make him lose what he holds dear. Ella had mentioned that the Detective was probably getting sick. Work Search: No one was better at making enemies than John Winchester. One thing is for sure, Chloe is determined to find out the answers to all of these questions. After doing a complete sentence of a demonic language I started coughing violently to the point where I gagged. Youre gaining experience from Trixie as well as learning from me. Spoilers, James and Leila: Guide to the Human World, Castiel & Dean Winchester & Sam Winchester, and he wants someone to make him feel better, Dean Winchester and Castiel get called out on their bullshit, because he's a douche and deserves to die, Implied/Referenced Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Adam Milligan & Dean Winchester & Sam Winchester, Gabriel & God & Lucifer & Michael (Supernatural), Gabriel & Lucifer & Michael (Supernatural), Jack Kline & Dean Winchester & Sam Winchester, Castiel & Gabriel & Lucifer & Michael & Raphael (Supernatural), Alternate Lucifer (Supernatural: All Along the Watchtower), Alternate Michael (Supernatural: All Along the Watchtower). But she's noticed her family's attitude towards her during Christmas and how she has changed and is experiencing more oddities in her life. "Lucifer, if you can't do this for me do this for Trixie. Nothing that is, except a pretty omega son ripe for marriage. So be sure to take a look and find your own favorite among them. "It's fine. And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below! Deviates from canon after the shooting scene in episode four. I mean it's only fair; I'm you probably only let people close to call you Luci." tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits. But then Chloe comes back Michael and Lucifer are Twin Flamesone soul that lives split between two separate bodies. He leaves Hell and comes to Los Angeles, where he opens a nightclub and he also works as a consultant for the LA police department. Right where you need him to be. For those who are unfamiliar, The. Chloe saves Lux, and Lucifer finally gets up the courage to go out to dinner with her. if In God's plan Please consider turning it on! The Original Parents Chloe goes after professor Carlisle, and Lucifer saves the two guys while inhaling the poisonous gas. I mean she was right about one thing: she DID know him longer than I have, she's know him longer than 16 years and I, what? : Obey Me!) I couldnt sleep and got up to hug my parents making them jump a little at the action. She misses you so much, she keeps asking why we haven't seeing you anymore. : Obey Me! Magic squares were used before the 16th century to create magic and symbolize many different things. So, yeah, maybe a deal with the devil is in order Picks up immediately after 3x24 and answers the question, "What if Chloe and Lucifer just talked? Oh no. Like I dont know if youre lying., One thing about your father, babe, is that Lucifer never lies., Cmon, Mom, you dont really believe that do you? Jesus how narcissistic can he be? Protective Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV) Crossover Pairings Mother-Daughter Relationship Families of Choice Pre-Relationship Developing Relationship Developing Friendships Protective Mazikeen (Lucifer TV) Male-Female Friendship Female Friendship Lily Potter once thought she had it all: a loving husband, two adorable children and many friends. Oh! Now, not only does he have to figure out how to survive his new husband and in-laws, but he's also got to figure out how to survive a gang war he had no idea he was the catalyst of. Your stepsister. Dad explained Your mum was married with a spawn of her own before meeting me. I could only nod in understanding. Sorry about that I'm so what new to this (again) it's been 4 years since being back here and I've forgotten the rules . : Obey Me! The mother died during birth, Lucifer accepted the sacrifice, and he'll back (Y/N) (L/N) is a six year old girl who was forced into the cruelties of her aunt and cousins after her father's death. ), Depressed Mammon (Shall We Date? I hope you enjoy! I'm a big Lucifer fan and I like this ship so much!!! Hello! Love writing? FearTheWinterSoldier 2016. Your email address will not be published. Dani and Ella both went to Lucifer in hopes he can help. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (465), Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett (22), Trixie Espinoza & Lucifer Morningstar (126), Lucifer & Mammon (Shall We Date? Are you saying that you are with spawn again? She nodded. Ah, ah, Deano. Its a strange place for him to turn up, and no one is sure how he got there or why he is nearly dead. ), Mammon Deserves Better (Shall We Date? ) I hate the he has manipulated me and made me someone I dont want to be. : Obey Me! : Obey Me! Your Local Lucifer Entity. Even James started to neglect her, After hearing James and Dumbledore talk about how they're going to send Celine to her sister Petunia while blocking her memory so she wouldn't go looking for her, she immediately flees her home with her daughter and Sirius and Remus. No wonder she'd shot up the targets at the range - she was furious. This story has over 180,000 hits, with thousands of raving comments from fans worldwide. Strongly prefer fanfics where characters are not OOC. Ella had mentioned that the Detective was probably getting sick. He shrugged off his jacket and grabbed the end of his tee shirt. Replies to my comments ), Mammon Deserves the World (Shall We Date? Learn how your comment data is processed. - Your dad is just as amused at the pranks. Lucifer refuses to abandon the woman he loves and his unborn child. This is what happens when he comes back. The light coming through the window is soft, peaceful. "You can pretty much guarantee whatever comes out of your father's mouth is most definitely 100% the truth. This is a story of Lucifer from all perception After Chloe's death, Lucifer's time is, against all odds, divided between earth and hell. He could do this. She preferred to do a bit of grieving first before saying yes to me. Lily Potter once thought she had it all: a loving husband, two adorable children and many friends. Not tomorrow morning honey weve got work. Chloe gently reminded her partner. "Is this true?" - 1st was the Janice thing 2nd was Lucifers jealous feeling like he needed to be better than Pierce thing 3rd was the poison thing 4. Indulge me.. ), Mammon & Satan (Shall We Date? Should I make Trixie come back early from Dans place to see a teenage girl talking to them and ask whats going on? This show revolves around Lucifer Morningstar, who is the DC Universes version of the Devil. I threw my glass back to drink the last of my beverage and walked up to the couple. ), probablemente existe algn complejo/sndrome/trastorno o algo, que tenga que ver con el amor desmedido y obsesivo y sexual de un hermano hacia otro, pero no lo conozco as que lo dejar as como se ve, no se que mierda hice o de dnde vino porque escrib esto en octubre de ao pasado, lo siento y no lo siento porque esto me gust, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Gabriel & Lucifer & Michael & Raphael (Supernatural), Good Older Sibling Lucifer (Supernatural), Mild Description of the Birth Giving Process, Lucifer/Main Character (Shall We Date? "Michael had known that Lucifer was fond of his vessel but the desperate way Lucifer tried to shield Samuel, even at the expense of himself, showed something deeper.". mc has flashbacks to their past while trying to have fun with Mammon. Also what should I do here? (talk about intrusion on such a intimate moment ). Hmm what do you think of this story? In fact if she had it her way, meaning if I wasn't so good at convincing her to marry me, she would've had it her way; not to get married til she knew her baby girl was safely home in her arms once more. lucifer fanfiction protective lucifer These 10 are just a small sample of all the amazing stories out there. Work Search: 28. "Oh. Design by Alley Digital. He decides that it is time to show her who he really is. Welcome to the club Ms. Its hard transferring from somewhere with less relaxed rules about this sort of thing. An archangel who, as punishment, was completely erased from history. You Make Me Invincible by Faihu // @faihu T 1/1. Some of these stories are short and simple, while others are longer. Finally, feeling himself break from the inside out, he has enough. This story has drama, romance, plenty of action, and a great balance between fluff and darker angst. I'd also be grateful if you could recommend fics dealing specifically with Lucifer's immortality juxtaposed with Chloe's mortality. I think, from what Im told, that you are my father?, I dont think so, sweetheart. Dean took a shaky, deep breath, as he got on the bed. The Apocalypse is no longer on the table. This is a lengthy story, but it is well worth the time spent reading. "Flat or on the rocks." So feel free to request a scenario and I will gladly do it. Looking for smut, smut vintage, smut art, smut painting, the smut, magazine 1974, t-shirt by shopdaa on an . Its too hot in this five-star hospital, she finishes as she drops the socks to the floor. : Obey Me! Right where you need him to be. Chloe and Lucifer find themselves more vulnerable than ever, both physically and emotionally. Tomorrow morning about you me and spend the day together to show you some things? My father offered breaking away from the hug and turning to me again wrapping an arm around my mother. This is a Destiel fic loosely based off the song and video. Even before the fire that took his wife he seemed to have an abundance of them. "Sabrina Spellman." (Y/N) (L/N), a new resident to the huge city of Los Angelas and the ho Dean is dead, so Sam makes a deal with the devil to bring him home. Ambos conocen la historia, o quiz no, o quiz incompleta, o quiz, solo fue Chuck quien le meti ideas extraas en la cabeza al mayor de los gemelos, quien vendra a ser Lucifer, con respecto a su hermano gemelo y menor, Nick.
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